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Sell My Car For Parts Sydney

When your journey with your beloved car draws to an end, sometimes the only option you are left with is to sell your car for parts. What you might come across is however bad deals suggesting your car isn’t worth much. No matter what condition your beloved car is ultimately in, we are here to tell you that every car still has some value to it. We at Cash For Car Buyer are willing to compensate you fairly when you sell your car for parts.

Sell Your Car For Parts in Any Condition

You can sell your car for parts even if it is in the following conditions:

  • Non-running cars
  • Broken-down cars
  • Cars with mounting repair costs
  • Fire-damaged cars
  • Post-accident cars
  • Old/used cars
  • Unwanted commercial cars

No matter what the condition, we guarantee we can salvage the car for parts.

Here’s how we go about it:

  1. No matter where your car is located and what condition it is in, our team of trained retrieval members will remove it within minutes from the premises.
  2. Our team of mechanics go through the process of safely discarding any remaining hazardous transmission fluids, motor oils, toxic batteries, antifreeze etc.,
  3. The car is then carefully dismantled and all usable parts are salvaged. Any damaged metal or parts are kept aside for further recycling.
  4. We recondition salvageable parts and any remnant rust is removed. We then proceed to find suitable buyers for the scrap metal and parts.
  5. Whatever cannot be repaired is meticulously and safely disposed of in the most efficient and eco-friendly way possible.

We factor in the recycled value of the car into the price we offer when you sell your car for parts.

Benefits of Selling Your Car For Parts to Us

There’s a number of options available when you make the decision to get rid of your car. We make this choice much easier for you with our commitment to hassle-free and speedy service. Right from the time you place your call to us right down to disposal of the car, everything is handled with ease and efficiency. Here’s how we make it easy for you:

  • Quick Quotes: Once you give us a call on 0487 000 600 or submit an online enquiry on our website, the quotes are generated within 60 seconds.
  • Same-Day Removals: You can schedule the car removal on the same day of receiving your quote or on a day of your convenience.
  • Top Cash Offer: There are no hidden fees associated with any of our services and we offer the top cash for car deals when you sell your car for parts.
  • Buy All Vehicles: You can sell any vehicle for parts to us. We buy trucks, SUVs, 4WDs, motorcycles, utes, vans, minivans and more.
  • Instant Cash Payments: Once we conduct a simple inspection, we pay you on the spot via bank transfer which will reach you within 24 hours.
  • Zero-Damage Wrecking: There are few car wreckers who cause zero damage, we commit zero-damage wrecking when you sell your car for parts to us.
  • Sydney-Wide Service: If you are looking to sell your car for parts near you. Good news! Our services are available across Sydney.

Getting rid of your car has never been so easy or so profitable.

Sell Your Car For Parts Without Extra Costs

When you try to sell your car for parts, you will find more often than not there are many additional costs associated with the process. Apart from the top cash for cars offers we provide, we are a purely customer oriented company. We are keen to make selling your car for parts as easy as ever and that is reflected in our services.

This is why we have received rave reviews from our customers time and again. To facilitate complete customer comfort, we offer all our services absolutely FREE of cost. There are absolutely no hidden charges and our fully trained customer service team is happy to help you with any queries you may have.

Here are our FREE services:

  • FREE Quote Generation
  • FREE Car Removal
  • FREE Car Inspection
  • FREE Paperwork
  • FREE Car Recycling

No matter where you are located in Sydney or what the condition of your car is, if you need to sell your car for parts, call us for unparalleled service and the best cash for car prices.

Why We Buy Your Car For Parts

As one of the top cash for cars and car removal businesses in Sydney, we pride ourselves in being experts in all automobile services. This includes car dismantling, car wrecking and car disposal. Our years of experience and best in class equipment allow us to properly strip the car and salvage usable parts in a way that a private buyer cannot.

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