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Car Wreckers Sydney

Cash For Car Buyer is leading car wrecker based in Sydney that wrecks all type of vehicles any make or model and condition. Being no1 auto wrecker we can offer maximum cash for your car, Why? We dismantle all unwanted scrap cars and reuse the parts from such vehicle therefore we maximise value and you get more cash for your car.

There is no need to bring your car to us simply give us a call and we’ll make an offer on your car, If you accept it our team member will be on their way to your premises buying your car and towing it. Absolutely free there are no hidden fees or charges and you get top dollar for your vehicle.

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Sell Car For Cash to Wreckers

Cash For Car Buyer consists of an experienced team that works around the clock to get you the best cash for your car. When you intend to sell car to wreckers, we come along and make sure you get your car’s fair worth.

We pay cash for cars of all sorts including family cars, Utes, SUVs, Vans, Trucks, 4x4s and more. Running or not-running, accident cars, flood-damaged cars – we pay cash for all cars. We also offer free car removal when you sell your car to wreckers.

Our company has been in business for several years. Our appraisers are very familiar with the current market prices and constantly offer the best cash deals for cars. Free and same day car removal also makes us a standout among other car buyer companies.

Our car wrecking company offers the best cash to customers. You can sell your car without a pink slip, blue slip or even rego. It can be a written-off car or a car without a RWC.

Don’t think that your car has no value – at Cash For Car Buyer, all cars are worth money. Our quotes are fair and transparent with no hidden fees or surprise charges! The whole process will take only a few hours, from you calling us to receiving the cash on the spot.

How To Sell A Car To Wreckers?

Selling your car to our wreckers is quite simple and straightforward. Here is how you can sell your car in 3 steps and get cash on the spot:

  • Get in touch with us

    You can either call us on 0487 000 600 or send an inquiry form through our website. Once we are in touch, we will ask you some questions about your car such as its make, model, condition etc. By providing us correct and detailed information, you will be helping us to offer you the best price for your car.

  • Free Car Removal

    Once you accept our offer, a driver will be on their way to you. In most cases we can remove your car the same day! And there will be no charges for the removal of your vehicle.

  • Cash Paid On The Spot

    Once our driver arrives and confirms the car is as you described it, you will be paid cash on the spot!  You will get the full amount without any trickery! Our driver will also assist you with the necessary paperwork for the transfer of the title. We will give you back the number plates so you can cash out any remaining rego on the car.

Cash For Car Buyer buys damaged cars and scrap cars from private individuals and companies and pays top dollar. Once collected, we disassemble the vehicles to sell the usable parts and the scrap iron. In our facilities, we can recycle a car up to 95%. That’s why damaged, old or scrap cars are of value to us.

Why Sell Your Car To Car Wreckers?

When your car finds itself in the mechanic week after week, then it might be time to get rid of it. The repair costs of an old car can add up quickly and before you know it, you’ve spent a fortune on an old car. You will soon realise the car’s actual worth is less than the repair costs. Getting rid of your car at the right time will save you money and time.

So how to get rid of your old car? Some people quickly realise that their old clunker is not of interest to many car buyers. If that’s the case, the solution is Cash For Car Buyer! Contact us today on 0487 000 600 to sell car to wreckers in Sydney!

How Much Cash Will I Get When I sell Car To Wreckers
  • The more in-demand the make/model is, the higher the price
  • Cars with more salvageable parts will be worth more
  • The more tons the car weighs, the more value it has
  • The condition of the car does not matter – it may be completely unusable.

By selling your car to a wrecker service, you not only get great cash for it, but also take care of the environment. Recycling of scrap cars makes it possible to clean the environment and significantly save natural resources and electricity.

Just to name a few brands we buy:

  • Toyota
  • Hyundai
  • Ford
  • Holden
  • BMW
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Honda
  • Suzuki
  • Mitsubishi
  • Lexus
  • Audi

and much more, If you have a car we’ll buy it no matter make, model and condition.