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Car Junkyard Sydney

When looking for a reliable car junkyard or scrapyard to dispose of your old car, Cash For Car Buyer is the leading local choice in Sydney. Our experienced professionals will turn your junk car into cash through our thorough wrecking process. When you recycle your car at our junkyard, you get top cash for your car and make a good environmental decision as we repurpose all salvageable parts for resale.

How Do Car Junkyards Work?

Car Junkyards recycle old or damaged cars by salvaging and reconditioning any working parts for resale. At Cash For Car Buyer when we buy your car, we strip it down and recover as many parts as possible for re-use. Any leftover parts or materials that can’t be reused are sold for scrap metal.

This means that we can get the max value from your old car, and therefore offer you competitive cash for your car.

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We Recycle All Types Of Vehicles At Our Junkyard

We are happy to buy all types and sizes of vehicles and accept all models, any year and condition.

  • Cars
  • 4x4s
  • Trucks
  • Utes
  • Buses and more!

Why Choose Our Junkyard For To Scrap Your Car

With over 10 years of auto scrapping experience, Cash for Car Buyer is one of the top auto junk yards in Sydney. Unlike other junkyards, we can give you more than the scrap metal value of your car. This is because we recover any salvageable parts from your car for resale, instead of just using it for scrap metal, which means a better price for you at the end of the day.

Our benefits: 

  • Expert scrap car appraisers assuring that you get the best price for your vehicle
  • Free help with paperwork for a quick and easy process
  • Selling your used car is hassle-free with our dedicated team who are happy to answer any questions
  • We buy cars in any condition even those with engine or mechanical issues, missing parts, or wrecked cars 
  • Free car removal, so you won’t have to pay an extra cent 

Areas In Sydney Where We Scrap Cars

Our car recycling service has coverage throughout Greater Sydney. This means that wherever you live you can easily sell your car for cash to us. We offer free car removal in all regions of Sydney including:

  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Northern Suburbs & Beaches
  • Western Sydney
  • South Sydney & Sutherland Shire
  • Canterbury – Bankstown
  • Inner-West
  • Penrith
  • Campbelltown
  • Hills District
  • Blue Mountains and more!

Get Cash For Your Car At Our Junkyard Today

With over a decade of junk car buying and scrapping experience, Cash For Car Buyer ensures fair market offers for vehicles in any condition. Experience top cash offers, free car removal and instant payment at our junkyard today. 

Just call us today at  0487 000 600 or fill out our online form.


How much cash can I get for scrapping my car in Sydney? 

How much you can get at our auto junkyard depends on the make, model, condition, registration, and type. Prices can vary from car to car so give us a call to confirm:

Cars: $200 to $6,999

Trucks: $450 to $15,000

Vans & 4WDs: $250 to $9,999


How long does it take to get cash for my junk car?

Our car scrapping process is quick. Once you accept our offer, we can arrange payment and pick-up of your car within 24 hours, or at your convenience. Once your car is picked up you’ll be paid cash on the spot or through EFT if you prefer.


Do I have to pay a fee for car removal? 

Not at all, our car scrapping service is completely free of charge. We’ll never charge any hidden fees or charges to you and will remove your car for free.


What kind of vehicles do you scrap at your Junkyard? 

We scrap a variety of makes and models including:

  • European cars
  • Trucks
  • Korean cars
  • Utes
  • German cars
  • Japanese cars