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How Much Damage To Write Off My Car In NSW?

Car damage can happen to anyone in NSW, that’s why it’s important to understand when a car becomes a write-off, repair costs, and the role of insurance. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain these concepts and help you decide whether you should sell your write off car or repair it.

What is a Statutory Write-Off?

A statutory write-off is a vehicle that has extensive damage to its roof, floor, body, serious mechanical failure or other types damage. This damage means that the vehicles are more expensive to fix than to buy a new thus deemed as write-offs by an insurance company. In NSW once a car is written off it is illegal to re-register it except under limited circumstances. This means that repairable-write offs are not legal in NSW,

What Factors Lead To A Vehicle Becoming A Write Off In NSW?

Key considerations include spare parts’ availability and cost, the vehicle’s age, and safety concerns related to structural damage. The severity of the damage is also a factor. If repair costs range from approximately 50% to 70% of the vehicle’s total value, it will most likely be categorized as a statutory write-off.

What Causes Cars To Be Written Off

Some of the most common causes that we see in our car wrecking business are:

  • Hail damage to a carHail damage can cause thousands of dollars of damage to a car
  • Flood damage: This is especially an issue in flood-prone areas of NSW
  • Car accidents: Car collisions can cause significant damage to the car’s body and make it unsafe or uneconomical to repair.
  • Mechanical breakdown: Old age and heavy usage, costly mechanical issues arise and car repairs can be quite expensive as replacement parts become rarer.

What Should I Do After My Car Is Declared A Write-Off?

Accept The Car Insurance Payout

If your car insurance declares your car written off it will generally keep the car and give you a pay out based on your policy. The car will then be sold off at auction or to a cash for cars dealer.

Sell your car to a cash for cars company

Without car insurance coverage, the best choice is to sell your written-off car to a wrecker such as Cash For Car Buyer in NSW. You can have the car towed for free and receive additional cash based on its condition. While selling individual parts privately is an option, this tends to be a time-consuming process, making the straightforward transaction with a wrecker a more convenient solution.

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Preventing Car Write-Offs

Keeping Up Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Routine maintenance and regular inspections can help identify and address issues before they become severe, reducing the risk of accidents and significant mechanical issues appearing.

Practising Safe Driving Habits

Practicing safe driving habits such as obeying traffic rules, avoiding distractions, and maintaining a safe following distance can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents leading to write-offs.

Sell Your Damaged Car To Cash For Car Buyer 

Regardless of your old car or vehicle’s condition, we’re committed to purchasing all vehicles for cash. Whether it’s a car, 4×4, truck, or van, we serve as your NSW, Sydney cash for damaged car solution. Our team specializes in recycling and salvaging as much of the car as possible, ensuring we receive the maximum value and offer the best quotes.

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