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What Do I Need To Do Before Selling My Scrap Car to A Cash for Car Buyer?

If you’ve been looking into a Cash for Cars sale for your old or scrap car, then this article is the perfect guide for you. Getting instant cash for your car is possible these days, thanks to companies like Cash for Car Buyer. Our fast process and quick cash payments mean you can Sell Your Car within a day with us. But what do you, the seller, need to do before you sell your car to us? Read on to find out.

Things To Do Before You Sell Your Car to A Cash for Car Company

  • 1 .Do Your Research
    Not all Cash for Car dealers are reliable and trustworthy. So, before you decide to sell your car to one, it’s wise to do your research. A good way to determine whether a company is genuine is to go through their website. If their website has a lot of information, including their address and other relevant details, then it’s safe to say that they’re a legitimate company.
  • 2 .Remove All Your Belongings From The Car
    We tell all our customers to check their car for any belongings that might have been left behind. Before we come for the Car Removal, do a quick check of the car, checking the dashboard, boot and under the seats to make sure you’re not leaving any valuables behind.
  • 3 .Use Up The Fuel
    If there’s fuel left in the car, why not use it up? Instead of letting it go to waste, use up whatever fuel’s left in your car. Take the car for one last spin or even make a grocery trip to make use of the fuel.
  • 4 .Remove The License Plate
    If you’re selling your scrap car to be wrecked then remove the license plate. You can do this before the Car Removal team arrives to collect the vehicle. If it’s not possible for you to do, no worries. Simply let us know and we’ll take care of it for you.

If you have an old, used, unwanted, scrap or unregistered car to get rid of, get in touch with Cash for Car Buyer today. We offer top cash offers for cars of all makes and conditions. To get a free quote, give us a call today on 0487 000 600.

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